That’s Our King!

St Paul’s Church Stockingford

Inspired by SM Lockeridge’s “That’s My King” sermon and to celebrate the end of the church year and the feast of Christ the King, the congregation of St Paul’s co-created this. Each person had a scrap of paper and was invited to write something about Jesus. They were a group of 50 ordinary Anglicans, aged 13 months to 90 years and this was what they wanted to say…

He is the person whom I turn to and pray in all aspects of my life.
He listens to good and not so good times.
He is my everything, who
guards me,
consoles me,
comforts me,
saves me from troubles,
feeds me,
clothes me,
blesses me throughout my life –
without HIM I am just void.
He is King and God of love.
He alone can perform miracles.
He is the most loving and merciful God.
He is ever-living and everlasting.
He is the way, the truth and the life.
He is a channel of ultimate forgiveness and love.
He is faithful, good, always loving and kind,
a friend, a healer, a comforter
and my King.
He is the Christ,
all love and goodness,
beyond my imaginings yet personal,
for always
my friend and saviour.

That’s Our King!

He is all-knowing
he is all powerful
he is all seeing
he is all around us
he is always aging but not dying
he is friendly
he is the creator of life
he is the creator of the universe.
He is love
he is the light of the world
he is my guide.
He is my role model.
He is our hope and salvation:
he has come to save us all.
He is the centre of the Trinity
yet God made man
who walked the roads of the Holy land
and met and loved all manner of humankind.
He is the miracle of the age!
He is Lord of all lords!
He is my Saviour
my friend, my Father
he makes me feel loved and safe.
He has been with me since the day I was born
and guides me every day.
I pray and talk to him daily:
he’s my Father in heaven
and I love him.
He’s my guiding light.
He is everlasting love.
He is my inspiration.
He is my support.

That’s Our King!

He is a kind, gentle man
who is our King
and Leader of Heaven
next to God.
He is the light
he is totally unique:
He is my Saviour, Lord and King.
He says “I am the way, the truth and the life”.
He is King of creation
he is shepherd of the flock
he is the great life giver.
He is our Saviour through faith
and performs miracles when you least expect it.
He is:
Lord of peace
Lord of hope
Lord of forgiveness
Lord of healing
Lord of wisdom:
He is the message.
He is the hardest act to follow
(Although I fail,
I will keep trying.)
He is indestructible life
he is undefeatable love.

That’s Our King

He is brave and very supportive.
He is my constant companion.
He is marvellous
he is indescribable.
He is divine
he is all-loving
he is the King of the Jews
he is incarnate
he is indescribable
he is uncontainable
he is a teacher.
He is the Son of God:
my Lord and Saviour.
He is loving.
He is my central point.
He is our friend and loves us all.
He gives us hope for the future.
He is Lord of all.
He is my friend
he is the bridge between heaven and earth
he is the light to light the way through life
he is

That’s Our King!


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